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Introduction of Asia Pacific Master of Memory (APMM) in the Replacement for the Asia Master of Memory (AMM)

To encourage new entrants to take up the sport of memory globally, the Asia Pacific Memory Sports Council (APMC) has decided to introduce a NEW title of APMM to replace the previous AMM as above.

This title will be officially commencing at Asia Pacific Open Memory Championships in 2019, Malaysia. Criteria to be Qualified as Asia Pacific Master of Memory (APMM) would be as follow:

1) 700 digits in 30 minutes.

2) 7 decks of cards in 30 minutes.

3) 1 deck of cards in 70 seconds or less.

4) 110 words in 15 minutes.

5) 60 names and faces in 15 minutes.

6) 4000 or more cumulative points.

(WMSC International standard)

Competitors who wish to achieve the title of Asia Pacific Master of Memory (AMM) qualifications would be required to compete in all 10 disciplines in the championships and achieve a total of 4000 cumulative points or more, without

solely focusing on the Asia Pacific Master’s disciplines.

The title of Asia Pacific Master of Memory (APMM) can only be honoured in the Asia Pacific Open Memory Championships, which consists of 10-disciplines approved by WMSC. Competitors who achieved the title of AMM will uphold their title lifetime.

The changes have been introduced for the following reasons:

To encourage new entrants that are not limited to practising on numbering events but also the rest of the disciplines.

To create a competition milestone from International standard to World standard.

To grant recognition for a higher standard of achievement, more convincing and withholding outstanding challenges compared to previous Asia Master of Memory (AMM).

Propose & Amendment by: Mr. Teo Kim Foo, IMM (Malaysia)

Soliciting opinions including Presidents of Asia Pacific Memory Sports Council Alphabetical Name Listing:

Hong Kong: Ms Karen India: Mr Jayasimha Malaysia: Mr Teo Kim Foo

Mongolia: Mr Sengesamdan Pakistan: Ms Sania Alam Taiwan: Mr Ken Wang Vietnam: Mr Kenny / Ms Jaddy


Approved by:

Mr. David Zhang (Head of APMSC), Mr. Lester He (Chief Arbiter of APMSC)


*** Special thanks for idea contribution *** Alphabetical Name Listing:

Ms. Huang Hua Zhu, GMM (China, WMC Champion Coach) Mr. Huang Qi Lu (North Korea Team Leader)

Ms. Hu Xiao Ling, GMM (China) Mr. Lester He, IMM (China)

Mr. Prateek, IGM (India Champion)

Mr. Sengesamdan, IGM (Mongolia, WMC Champion Coach) Mr. Yuan Wen Kui, GMM (China, WMC Champion Coach)

(Analysis and idea generation of APMM qualification criteria are based on the WMSC statistics of world’s top 500 contestant’s)

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